Roche Mazet, brand of the Castel Frères group, is a family-run company which produces wines from the pays d’Oc and shares it passion for the French soil since 1998.

For the summer of 2017, we created an innovative box to magnify its bag-in-box range with a precise meaning and function, while remaining in line with its values: a wine of quality and accessible to the greatest.

We chose to go beyond its practical aspect by bringing an added value to underline its difference and by creating a shared enjoyment with the accessory. We created an innovative box, which will be used for its 7 references: 2 reds, 2 whites and 3 rosés.

After studying everything that could have been done in this sector, we worked on several essential criterias: making it unique as much as practical, aesthetic and playful, matching with a wide audience in various situations.

Aesthetic by the object’s purity and simplicity, which can be placed on any table, from a chic buffet to a summer picnic.
Practical thanks to its carrying handle and its elevation, facilitating the service to the glasses without tilting neither the BIB nor the accessory.

Playful by its pivoting function, which creates an effect of surprise during moments of sharing, while facilitating the insertion of the BIB and the access to the tap: an accessory that remains faithful to the spirit of the brand.

Assignments :

Packaging design