Aikan is a whisky distilled and matured in France and in Scotland, which then crosses the ocean to arrive up to the Caribbean sea.
It is on the Martinique island that the distillation is pursued, nearby a water source flowing from the Pelée mountain.
There, the whisky ages in oak barrels in JM’s rum distillery wineries.

Aikan means « wedding » in Arawak, which was the language of the first Amerindian in Martinique.
We chose that mixing would be the key element to create the visual identity of the brand, which will be applied to all of its communication mediums.

Aikan’s identity is the result of two climates and also two different times, finding its inspiration in the Amerindian era, the first ones to arrive in Martinique.

We put forward the union between these different universes, which intertwine through an illustration simultaneously ancient, contemporary and representative of the cultural union between Europe and Martinique.

The logo, which represents an Amerindian hairstyle with feathers, also incorporates a lily flower, an explicit reference to the union of these cultures.

We also added a reinforced and hidden message at the back of the facing: the representation of the union between a European woman of that time and an Amerindian man.
This is the symbol of the authentic union of two cultures (printing of a double-sided adhesive label).

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Drawing on the famous Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan, the Kavalan bottle has an original shape that stands out immediately. That reference to the local architecture was the starting point of our packaging research. Taiwan combines technical efficiency and innovation with traditional Chinese curved roofs, bright colours and nested lines. Keeping that blend of tradition and modernity in mind, we have decided to work on simple shapes that refer to the contours of contemporary monuments to which we have added subtlety that will become the signature of the brand. The edge at the top of our boxes is curved, in a nod to the dynamic of oriental roofs, associated to the cultural symbol of elegance and vitality.

Like the fronts of both old and modern buildings, particularly that of the Kavalan distillery, our packs have been given a geometrical finish.

Clean lines that work with each other, colours of natural elements and rhythmic curves create a range effect while giving each product its own identity through effects
and finishes.

Since 2011, the agency has been revisiting the codes of many Maison du Whisky brands, experts of rare bottles and exclusive distributors of the brand in Europe.

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