Visual identity and packaging of the Ayala Rosé No. 8 unique vintage.

Our aim was to create a visual identity and packaging that would express both the values of a great champagne house and the intrinsic qualities of an exceptional wine.

That is why we have set up a relationship between the container (packaging design) and the content (the wine) to build our creative concept.

No. 8 was selected to reflect the rarity, excellence and precision that typify this special vintage. The sensuous curves of the packaging, the bottle and the label all emphasise refinement, elegance and femininity, which are the signatures of the cellar master Caroline Latrive.

The light, ethereal and festive characteristics of the Art Deco patterns are a nod to the 1920s, the golden age of Ayala. The fresh colours and voluptuously curved geometric shapes have been selected to create brand codes that are easily recognizable and applicable to all publicity material.

The chalk colour and textured paper are evocative of the limestone of the precious terroir and its features.

Graphic identity of the cuvée
Creation of the box volume
Declination of identity on communication media
(mood photos, press advertisement, bags, press kit, flyers, window dressing)