Excellence Rhum, a family company, honors the authenticity of rums from all over the world and the expertise of traditional distilleries.

For the creation of its "COLLECTION" range, we have established a brand identity and a graphic universe for the 4 first aged rum cuvees with strong tasting notes.

Our concept, based on strong elements from the 4 Caribbean islands, illustrates the history and the identity of rum varieties.

The selection of typical elements from each local culture has enabled us to represent each cuvee with an animal as an ambassador and a symbol of each island.

The use of vivid colors in delicate engraving illustrations gives to the range a real authenticity with a touch of modernity. The colors have been selected so as to highlight the different color and origin of each rum.

Assignments :                                          Brand identity and graphic universe    Packaging Design                          Manufacturing follow-up



SAINT JAMES agricole rums, famous all over the world for their exceptional quality, are the fruit of a long history of passion, know-how and expertise which started in 1765. 

Elaborated from fresh pure sugarcane juice, SAINT JAMES rums have been accredited the Martinique A.O.C. ( Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée/Controlled Designation of Origin) which ensures their quality and their intimate link with the planting terroir.

Our mission was to create a packaging common to the three different SAINT JAMES references. The packaging size was adapted to the Long Island 70 cl.  This packaging had to value the SAINT JAMES brand and to drive purchase intent across the various distribution networks: GMS, Wine merchants, Export (Duty-free).

We created a sober packaging following the codes of the luxury sector,  with a window in the box which lets the front label of the brand readable. The graphics are consistent with the packaging of the 3 decanters so as to create a range effect. The window was designed shifted and overflowing on the side of the packaging to give an identity to the packaging and emphasize the shape of the bottle.

A "Neutral" marking in a way that it is adaptable on the 3 references. - printing on matt black paper: embossing, hot gilt, selective varnish. The inner packaging was lined with gold to sublimate the color of rum drinks.

Assignments :                                          Graphic & packaging design                          Manufacturing follow-up